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Album page thicknesses

These measurements are intended as a guide to the relative thicknesses of our various pages, and are approximate. The thickness varies slightly not just with the page type (eg Flushmount Medium) but also with the mat and paper stocks.

1mm = 0.04in.

Duo and Overlay Matted: 3.0mm, with mats both sides of the page. Thickness will be less if one or both sides are un-matted.

Heavy Panorama Flushmount: 2.0mm.

Medium-weight Flushmount: True Photographic (silver halide) and Offset stocks: 1.5mm. Fine Art: 1.75mm.

Thin Flushmount: True photographic (silver halide) and Offset stocks: 1.1mm. Fine Art: 1.35mm.

Copy albums: As for Flushmount.

Classic Flushmount (legacy product): 2.5mm.

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