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Service times

To be fair to all our clients we process orders strictly in the order we receive them. This policy applies to sample products as well as to your normal orders.

Production times can and do change, because our products are hand-made to order, and the volume of orders we receive varies week to week and seasonally. 

Help us deliver your albums quickly

Because our products are customised and handmade, we cannot begin production until your order is received and loaded, and every detail confirmed. Please…

  • Send us complete, accurate orders
  • Ensure all image files are supplied, to specification, and of good quality.
  • Answer our queries and if required confirm your order promptly.

Your orders will be delayed • if they are unclear, or information or files are missing • if there are problems with your image files or album layouts (spreads) that need to be fixed • if we have problems arranging payment, or we don't receive your confirmation.

Because orders cannot be made until all issues are resolved, they need to come out of the production queue, and delays result.

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