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How to follow an order as it travels through production

Please don't delay your own order! Orders "on hold" are waiting for you to confirm, resolve queries, or arrange payment (we'll email you when you need to take some action).

1. In Workspace, click "Account" in the main navigation and click "Account Transactions."

2. You'll be taken to the Outstanding Orders tab. This is a list of orders that have not yet been charged and shipped. Orders are listed as "In Production" or "On Hold". 

3. Select an order from the list by clicking on the blue link in the Type column, or search using our reference number. This will open the Order Detail screen, which will detail progress so far.

4. The Order Detail Screen will update you, but if you need to contact us about an order, please email us. Always quote the order number ("Our Reference").


See the screen shot below.

Date fields (bottom left)

Taken off hold: If this date field is blank, your order is still “on hold” (we've received your order but it is not yet in production).

Charged date: If blank, your order has not yet been invoiced (still in production, or on hold).

Estimated despatch: This is the date we expect to ship your order (+/- 2-3 days). Subject to payment and all queries being promptly resolved). We cannot give you an estimate until your order is "off hold".

Order Status fields (right)

On Hold: If YES, your order is not yet in production (we may not have received payment, or have unresolved queries).

Charged: If NO, your order has not yet been invoiced (still in production, or on hold). 

Airwaybill/Tracking Number: Blank until your order is shipped (after charging expect a delay of up to 1-2 days before your order is collected and scanned for tracking).

Design Required: If YES, you've asked us to design an album for this order. 

Design Complete: If YES, we've completed the draft design and are awaiting your edits or approval.

Design Confirmed: If NO, you haven't approved the design, so your order will still be On Hold.

Data entry complete: If YES, your order is now in our order processing database.

Has been proof checked: If YES, we have checked and validated your order.

Has queries: If YES, we have asked you to clarify your order, or to resolve an issue that needs fixing (for example a problem with image files).

Queries answered: If NO, we are waiting for you to reply to our queries.

Requires confirmation: Most books and albums require sign-off from you before we put the order into production. (We’ll email you.)

Has been confirmed: If NO, and the order requires confirmation, we’re waiting for you to confirm.

Payment arranged: If YES, we have received payment. Once 'off hold' your order can go into production.

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